The Milaniz is Kevin, a talented actor, an atypical and curious creative. Born in the 1980s, he grew up during the heyday of pop culture.

Fan of the film Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, Kevin had the gesture that started it all : he reproduced the neon cross of the film’s final scene. It was this cross that gave him the idea to use neon lights on classic masterpieces to create quirky pieces. The Milaniz was born!

Kevin is endowed with a great curiosity and a cultural openness he feeds on a daily basis. He travels to the four corners of the world, he is passionate about cinema and especially the scathing films of Tarantino, he zealously walks the aisles of classic and contemporary museums … everything fascinates him, everything intrigues, everything inspires him.

Kevin devours life to the fullest and enjoys every moment ! Without limit, his creativity will lead him to exhibit extraordinary artistic projects all over the world and to achieve ambitious collaborations in new mediums. Milaniz is an art of living.


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