NOVEMBER 23th - DECEMBER 21th 2018



The time, the vestige and the fragmentation are the three axes of this exhibition.

The marbles (eternal signs) claim another time, that of antiquity.

Metal plates (metalpatchworks) seem to come directly from the beginning of the industrial era.

Raw flax linens echo material in post-war modern art.

The optical paintings (Extractions) come to take the codes of kinetic art.

It is a question of questioning the value of the objects and in particular that of the work of art. The artist destroys and decomposes his own works in order to reconstruct them in the same way that an archaeologist would do with remains.

Like the alchemist, who would turn lead into gold, the Atlas transforms ancient objects into contemporary works, recovering their intrinsic telluric force.

October 12th - November 16th 2018

Torrick Ablack aka TOXIC

Project 48-17/18

At 53,  the artist born in the Bronx, remains one of the international figures and legends of the contemporary art scene. This solo exhibition is very particular, it’s the first time that TOXIC coming back to Marseille since 2001, when he established his studio in the district of Belsunce. 

A powerful DNA, energetic colors mixing street art and contemporary art, but also references to what New York graffiti has to purest, to an entourage as unusual as emblematic as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rammellzzee, Futura 2000 or Dondi White.

JULY 5th - JULY 28th 2018


For this summer ArtCan has concocted an explosive cocktail of artists mastering the alchemy of colors and strength of form.

Through an international trio show formed by ZEST, PENER and BRUCE, the exhibition “Le Temps d’un été” will take you from the sweet and tangy abstractions of the French artist ZEST to the precise constructions of the Polish artist PENER through the naïve universe of the French-Belgian BRUCE which is not unlike the papers cut of a certain Matisse.

Reflection on the abstraction concept in Graffiti world, this exhibition will help to understand the evolution of abstract urban art from different angles.

New Catalog available on the July 2

MAY 18th - JUNE 22th 2018


Opening May 17th from 6pm to 10pm

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Resistance” by the Belgian artist SPYK.

When the artists live very comfortably from the death of the painting, Spyk resists. He strives to preserve the fine craft and achieves a classic mastery in an aerosol technique of disconcerting precision and sensitivity.

With the vaporous effects that his spraying technique allows him to give, he resumes the appearance of images filmed in the manner of Samuel Fuller or Percy Adlon … except that here, all the heroes are gone. Spyk leaves no room for the human figure. His paintings are sterile lands, sterile spaces that illustrate the anti-humanism of the structural years and appear as once eliminated man.

Painting is not a visual experience. She lets us feel nomads, silences, urban loneliness. Spyk describes them as important resistors far and wide the memories of his tagger life. With them, he takes us on a nocturnal wander through the deserted American cities where only the electric lights reassure us.

The catalog will be downloadable from May 14.

6 APRIL 2018 - 12 MAY 2018


We are pleased to invite you to the OPENING of our new  space in Marseille on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

In the heart of the art district, in an old printing house, under a huge metal canopy, we inaugurate a 180 square meters space dedicated to urban and contemporary art. We will present works by Banksy, Rammellzee, Toxic, Brusk, Kan, Dran, Momies, Remi Rough, Zest, Pener, Kurar, and more …

15 JUNE 2017 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2017

South is Calling

Opening June 15th from 6pm to 9pm

Summer is coming and with it the smell of hot sand, cocktails and simply SOUTH.

This SOUTH that all France envy. This SOUTH of which we are proud. This SOUTH where the creation emanates and especially from the street!

ARTCAN, proud to be a Southerner, is this time an Exporter of Talents Made In South. By giving its space to two big names of the South exceeding their borders today, MOMIES and NEURÖNE.

Through this detonating and surprising duel ARTCAN GALLERY blurs once again the tracks halfway between contemporary art and urban art.

27 APR 2017 - 18 MAY 2017

New York Meets The French Touch

Opening on 27 april from 18.00

11 MAR 2017 - 17 APR 2017


Opening on 10 march from 18.00

What if Kandinsky shared his workshop with our wonderful urban vandals?

Father of abstraction, brilliant theoretician of form and color, his influence transpires from the 80s in the no less genial Futura and Rammellzee.

How to not feel his soul vibrating in front of the luminous and colorful power of a work by Futura, Medra or Toxic …

This art of the street has long been perceived as savage, or simplistic it is now revealing its spiritual feast.

Artcan Gallery decided once again to surprise by leaving the established frames transforming its space in workshop during the week preceding the opening. Inspired by the works of Futura, Rammellzee and Toxic for the exhibition, the artists Babs and Medra will create works Made in Montpellier and will customize the gallery.

20 JAN 2017 - 24 FEB 2017


Opening on 19 January from 18h

In this year of presidential elections, how not to succumb to the temptation of a theme like that of Paradise Lost!

The ArtCan Gallery invites you to dive into the depths of our present times.

No question of a guilty and redemptive exhibition, quite the contrary! With the help of a selection of works by Shepard Fairey, Kurar, Neuröne, La Fratrie, Megamatt, Kan and Ose Cuttingart we will try to make you see the light in the reigning darkness.

The exhibition will be the occasion to rediscover our spot stigmata that have or will make of our society a Paradise or a hell …


17 NOV 2016 - 6 JAN 2017



La galerie ArtCan fait peau neuve après son exposition inaugurale Coming From The Basics qui présentait une rétrospective du mouvement Street art / Graffiti par un accrochage pertinent dans la singularité de ce nouvel espace montpelliérain.

Avec Surfaces & Espaces, Artcan propose cette fois d’expérimenter le VOLUME.

Marc C. Woehr a reçu carte blanche pour s’approprier la galerie suivant ses aspirations et ses perspectives.

L’artiste déploie donc une scénographie conceptuelle et volumique qui invite public et collectionneurs à circuler au sein même de l’œuvre.


6 OCT 2016 - 11 NOV 2016


From the darkest depths of the New York subway to the shining lights of Montpellier. We could have presented our first exhibition like this. But so many big words and lyrical musings too often lead to boring and empty exhibitions.

The launch of ArtCan Gallery is like the beginning of an adventure, a response that we wanted to bring to this reigning grandiloquence with the help of our humble allies, Collectors, Urban Art lovers, Street art enthusiasts, spectators and supporters of art in all its forms.

We will indeed exhibit quality museum artwork and historic masterpieces from the New York scene of the 1980s, from Dondi White to Rammellzee as well as Futura 2000 and Keith Haring.

However, even more importantly, our wish is to create a link between two generations of artists, from graffiti backgrounds, from Urban Art, Street Art and contemporary art – whatever you call it – as long as the exhibits not only just confront each other, but answer, exchange and communicate with each other.

How could you not appreciate the development of Urban Art techniques, drawing on aerosol freehand wildstyle graffiti, shown today in the mosaics by Invader, the stencils by Banksy, Kan’s pointillism and the 3D collages by Marc C. Woehr.

Urban art looks like the return to power of the French international art scene. A fervent defender of our artistic hothouse, and a little chauvinistic, ArtCan Gallery has chosen a team of young talent made up of artists such as Kan, Ikon, Kurar, Neuröne, Medra and Chery (RDLS).


18 Rue Dragon - 13006 Marseille

+33 6 81 69 90 58

Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 19h, le samedi sur rendez-vous