After studies of advertising painter and sewing during which his taste for drawing asserts, he creates, in 2009, with Kraken, the duo RDLS. They then offer embarrassing scenes of daily life: old ladies alone with their desire, bikers without motorbikes, accumulations of coitus … RDLS goes from chic galleries to squats and exhibitions in bars to exhibitions for large institutions.

In parallel, he continues his practice in Indian ink on papers made in India (Ashram Paper Factory of Pondicherry) in Japan (Otakiko) or in Paris and practices to represent the movements of a world around him . The elements are linked: war, sport, Jurrassic Park, migration crisis, passers-by, monsters …

The microcosms he draws represent an association of ideas that allows a news to become a hybrid narrative.

Show a very detailed and dense scene allows him to lose the viewer at first, then stopping on the detail, the latter discovers the true purpose.