What more is there to say about Keith Haring and his story, given that he is already a hero of the contemporary art scene? There is no shortage of works to laud his talent, and we would not dare to compete with them.

Haring’s role in the street art movement is nonetheless deserves recognition and, conversely so does the importance of graffiti in his personal story.

He first arrived in New York at the very beginning of the 80s as a trained commercial artist, quickly encountering the abundant creativity of the underground scene when. He soon began to create his own works of art in the streets, on the subway, and on any medium he could, which made his name as an artist.

Urban art allowed him to break free from the shackles of the advertising industry and to unleash his creative passions. He was also among the artists who influenced the new generation the most, due to his easily identifiable visual language, with a graphical style that featured highly synthetic shapes, a striking colour palette, and thick black lines.

All the works that we are exhibiting have a certificate of authenticity from the Keith Haring Foundation.