Born in Bilbao and raised between the Basque Country and the Canary Islands strongly believer of cromoteraphy as lifestile, transforming decline places, abandoned or simply adding color and life to mute walls. After a visit to Mr Muro, the  passer, the cityzen, will experiment the improvement of his emotional mood, motivated to raise his head from his cell and admire the landscape, to be part of an art piece and to aware that, we, people can participate in the development of our environment, the improvement of our cities.

Iker Muro was born to do it, “Muro” wall in Spanish, has been painting graffiti from 2001, and 8 years making big sice murals and public space interventions. Travels the world painting and spreading his doctrine, “color makes people happy, we beautify places, enriching the cityes the we pass thru bringing art closer to the people.”

The control of geometry, perspective or movement are the game of this artist strongly influenced by 80´s graphic design and vectors. The cleanliness of his work and the use of primary colors palette are his hallmark. References to Dalís surrealism, or M.C. Escher, combined with the freshness of Memphis Group are the result of his pieces, trulls contemporary pop art.